Casa Victor at La Manga Club

We’ve been going to La Manga for many years, it’s one of our favourite holidays. And Casa Victor is our favourite restaurant on the resort. Victor always remembers us (even though we only go once a year) and we are greeted with a complimentary half bottle of Cava. Always a good way to start off the evening.

Dining is always alfresco and even in September the weather was amazing.

Chilling out on the terrace at Casa Victor

The menu is comprehensive and packed with meat and fish dishes. The starters are particularly good – like the asparagus and scrambled egg. They also do an amazing steak tartare. Tonight it was to be a meaty choice and we stuck to one course as portions are substantial.

My choice, the fillet steak Casa Victor is served with a delicious creamy sauce of bacon and mushrooms, crispy, moreish chips and buttery vegetables.

Truly magnificent sauce and medium rare fillet…heaven

Terry went for the stroganoff…a real paprika-y version (when in Spain) served with lovely rice and the same buttery veg.


And to finish it off two lemon schnapps on the house (casa?). Just perfect – thanks Victor, we will be back next year.

The purple light of a summer night in Spain

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