Pictures from Phuket

So here it is…my first blog posted from abroad, I hope!  Welcome to Kata Beach in Phuket, Thailand where the weather’s hot and the food is even hotter! Yesterday at lunch I made the schoolgirl error of ordering a spicy papaya salad – delicious but resulted in chilli lips for the rest of the day! They don’t mess about, Thai spicy is seriously spicy!

To get you into that Thai state of mind here are some yummy pics.

Stir fried beef in oyster sauce

Breakfast – it’s liquid watermelon

Vegetable spring rolls, light and crispy

Chicken satay with hot peanut sauce. Love the way they serve them in the pineapple

3 thoughts on “Pictures from Phuket

  1. Just liqidised watermelon with strawberies and mint, teemed with a tot of Malawi Gin [ best in the world], fabulous sundowner. Thai food is so simple and delicious. Love the photos.

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