The Cook with Biltong Club: Tarts with biltong, gorgonzola and figs

Here’s what I made using biltong this month.

These tarts are amazingly easy to make and quite miraculous. You put a flat piece of raw pastry topped with the ingredients into the oven and 15 minutes later beautiful little puffy tarts oozing deliciousness appear. So quick and easy.

I used ready-made, ready-rolled pastry which makes life so much easier. I also used a lot of gorgonzola, you could use less, though it is awesome to have it oozing around the biltong. Experiment to suit your own taste.

The flavour combination of these three ingredients with the buttery pastry is amazing. And they look fabulous too.

Makes four tarts

The delicious ingredients ready to be laid on the pastry

1 sheet of Jus-rol puff pastry sheets, divided into quarters

4 figs, thinly sliced

100g gorgonzola

2 handfuls of thinly sliced biltong

Once you’ve divided the pastry into four you have the basis for each tart.

Lay the pastry flat on a lightly floured surface. Leave a border of about 2cm around the edge of the pastry and lay the slices of biltong and sliced figs in the middle. Dot the gorgonzola on top.

Place the tarts on an oven tray in the oven and cook on 180C for about 15 minutes until the pastry is brown and risen.

Serve immediately

The finished product

Another tart packed with deliciousness

Join our club

Every month I’m going to post a new recipe using biltong, so watch this space.

And if you want to order some yourself, I highly recommend the Chichester Biltong Company where you can choose the wetness and fattiness of your biltong too (it’s very personal, you know).

Go to and enter the code EATINGCOVENT when you order.

I’d love to hear any of your biltong ideas or stories, so do get in touch and watch out for the next amazing biltong recipe coming your way.

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