My five favourite blogs

Well, I’ve been immersed in the blogosphere for over a year now and as well as keeping busy on here, I have discovered the pleasure of following other people’s blogs, too. So I thought I’d share my five favourite blogs with you – in no particular order. You’ll soon see that they focus on my two favourite pastimes – food and travel and are internationally spread. And the best thing about blogs is that you can all read them, too, no matter where you are in the world. Enjoy.

I’m in love with Italy and this blog, written by Beth who’s an English girl living in Tuscany with her Italian boyfriend, makes me want to get on the plane and head there (and right now!). She writes about life with her Italian family, and if you’ve ever been to Italy you’ll know, life revolves around food. Her recipes are fabulous, like the latest one for stuffed courgette flowers that are baked in the oven, which literally had my mouth watering. There are plenty of lovely photos and it’s packed with information on Italian ingredients, restaurants and more. Oh and the name of the blog came from the fact that because of her blonde hair and white skin her boyfriend calls her mozzarella! I’ve never been to Tuscany which seems almost criminal – watch out Beth I may be coming to visit! And it’s given me an excuse to publish a picture of this fairy-tale-beautiful place.

The Mozzarella Diaries are set in Tuscany

The Mozzarella Diaries are set in Tuscany

I couldn’t find out much about the lady who writes this blog that regularly inspires me. It’s a cornucopia of recipes covering such a wide range of ingredients and cuisines. She posts frequently so I can imagine that her kitchen is a very busy place. Her friendly tone draws you in and she seems to cook a lot for friends. And her recipes are great. Even if I don’t cook them all, which would be no mean feat, I can’t tell you how they’ve inspired me to make something new and inventive for dinner. Her latest  post is for a Spicy Mexican beef and sweet potato pie which sounds perfect for rainy autumn weather so I’m going to give it a try this weekend. Oh, and I like the “with mess” bit of the title, what’s the fun in cooking if you don’t make a bit of a mess…even if you do have to clean it up. Great recipe inspiration.

I also love Spain! Jessica is from California and now lives in Barcelona and blogs about the fabulous city. She travels a lot, mainly exploring Spain, and also writes about lots of other stuff. A great recent post was about the problems she’d had with her landlords in Barcelona which got a real conversation going around the world with plenty of advice going back and forth. Very cool. She’s really entertaining so it’s great fun reading about all her exploits. And there’s lot’s of useful stuff in there too, especially if you are planning on visiting Barcelona, obviously – loved her rooftop bars post. She says she really doesn’t like cooking so this is a real escape for me from my (slightly) food-obsessed world. Must pay another visit to Barcelona, too, here’s a picture of the amazing Park Gulle designed by Gaudi which overlooks the city.

Park Guella in Barcelona, designed by Gaudi

Park Guella in Barcelona, designed by Gaudi

This blog is written from Chicago by Julia and features loads of fabulous recipes, a lot of them with a Mediterranean twist due to her Lebanese influence. There’s an emphasis on eating healthily without giving up on taste which I really like. Her combination of European and American styles (and ingredients) makes for some really unique (as well as some exotic) recipes and you know me, I’m always up for trying something new. There are more great pictures to get your mouth watering and I love her section on dip-style appetisers (do love a bit of a dip!). Today’s post was for baked avocado and black bean dip and the edamame and avocado hummus is the also on my list to try. Some lucky friends are going to have to be invited over for drinks to try them all out with me. Happy days!

Also known as The Curry Guy, Dan is again from California and now lives in North Yorkshire – that must have been a bit of a shock! He started cooking when he was very young and has family recipes passed down from his grandfather…which I really envy, having come to cooking later in life. Indian is now his cuisine of choice and he says he cooks a curry of some kind most days – I know my husband would like to live in that house. His blog is pure curry heaven with literally hundreds of recipes to tempt you, if you’ve got an Indian craving on, no matter what your mood or tastes you’re sure to find something here to satisfy. He’s also written several recipe books, but really, all you need to do is bookmark his site for instant curry inspiration any time. I’m going to try his Garam masala seared haddock soon – see, a light, healthy Indian-style meal.


Do you have a favourite blog I should be reading regularly? Do let me know, there’s so much out there in blogworld, I need all the help I can get to keep on top of it.

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