My Krabi Shake Diary

I love Thailand. One of my missions is to visit as many places in this beautiful country that I can. This year we visited the beach resort of Ao Nang in Krabi.  Pretty much the first decision of every Thailand day is what flavour shake to pick up on the way to the beach. I know, it’s a real struggle. How I miss my daily shake. And this blog gives me the perfect excuse to show you shakes photographed in beautiful settings!

Shakes come in many fruity and vegetabley flavours and are basically the fresh fruit or veg mixed with a dash of sugar syrup and a handful of ice and blended. On my tasting quest I decided to stick to tropical flavours, so no apple, pear, orange or lemon for me – though I must admit to being intrigued to see what they could do with lemons.

First drink on arriving in Ao Nang was a watermelon shake at one of the local coffee shops. My favourite flavour last year in Phuket, after much sampling and deliberation. Wonderfully refreshing, it’s the perfect hot-weather drink that says welcome to Thailand to me.


Watermelon shake in the sunshine, and it comes with an orchid. Welcome to Thailand.

Time to explore the beach area and enjoy a pineapple shake at the Golden Beach Hotel with its beautiful outside area under the trees. Krabi is resplendent with many huge fig trees, a welcome place to escape from the heat of the sun.


Pineapple shake under the trees

The beach fruit bar where there’s a huge selection of shakes, all for only 40 baht a time – that’s less than a pound. Thailand is such great value.

The fruit bar on the way to the beach

The fruit bar on the way to the beach

Time for spectacularly sweet mango. Oh, and we got free fruit every day on arrival at the beach, pineapple, watermelon or bananas.

Beautifully sweet mango shake on our favourite part of the beach

Beautifully sweet mango shake on our favourite part of the beach

Here’s my papaya shake on the beach where the local kids had a ball swimming and playing in the sand.

Today it was papaya to savour

Today it was papaya to savour

Today we took a boat trip to Railay Bay (more of that later) and it was another chance to tuck into a watermelon shake and photograph it in a different scenario. How beautiful is this?

Watermelon on beautiful Railay Beach

Watermelon on beautiful Railay Beach

Fabulously sweet and flavoursome tomato shake. Was dying to add some vodka and tabasco, but all a bit early in the morning.

Amazing sweet tomatoes

Amazing sweet tomatoes

Loved the flavour of the passion fruit but as ever with this tasty fruit, the pips are a little off putting.

Wonderfully fruity passionfruit

Wonderfully fruity passionfruit

Well, I certainly feel I did some proper research. This year mango was the winner, I celebrated this on my last day with the number one shake of the holiday. If you’re going to Thailand search out a shake bar and get tasting! You feel like you’re drinking health in a glass and the flavours are all amazing.

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