Krabi is heaven for beach babies

I admit it, I’m a real beach baby. Give me a patch of sand, some warm sea and a good book and I’m happy. One of the many reasons I love Thailand. The beach in Krabi offers something a bit different though. The main beach area is populated by little huts, about 18 of them. You are constantly approached (accosted?) as you meander around town town by people trying to convince you to visit their hut. As well as offering you free chairs under the trees (for the whole day), mats to lie on (and pillows) and fresh fruit on arrival, you can also have your choice of treatments in the hut. We met May on our first day and (creatures of habit that we are), we settled in to a week of beach life at No 4!

Number 4 – our little bit of beach heaven

Number 4 – our little bit of beach heaven

Settled in and happy on our first day I got very excited when, apparently out of nowhere, the satay lady appeared (well that’s what I called her). Carrying everything she needed to warm up spring rolls and ready-marinated chicken skewers and  spatchcocked legs she fairly skipped down the beach, though her portable restaurant with its burning barbecue must have weighed quite a bit.

satay lady

Lunch comes to you at the beach in Krabi


Chicken skewers and spring rolls with sweet chilli dipping sauce

On the second day I discovered she made salads too. Getting out her pestle and mortar she prepared to make a fresh green papaya salad from scratch. And totally delicious it was, too! Just remember to specify that you only want “a little bit spicy” – May told me she liked 10 chillis in hers! Yikes! That mortar and pestle has chilli well ingrained into it!

making salad

Time to make a fresh salad

papaya salad

Green papaya salad is perfect washed down with a cold Singha

chicken leg

Marinated, spatchcocked chicken for a more substantial lunch

And then there’s the corn man, Kee. He seems to skip along the beach, carrying a bucketful of rather large ears of corn on one side and a burning barbecue again on the other. His corn is sweet and juicy and cost less than a pound!


Beatifully sweet Kee’s Corn

corna and singha

Corn, Singha, sand and sea, what more do you need? Oh and sun!

An amazing way to have lunch on the beach without moving from your chair. And we spent about £5 each day (including beers). Wonderful.

If you did decide you needed to move for your food, The Last Fisherman was a minute’s walk away. A properly rustic beach bar to chill out in that did a small selection of Thai food and a lot more Western-style – like sandwiches and wraps.


Beach bars don’t get more perfect!

beach bar

Chill out under the trees overlooking the beach

A day at the beach is simply a chilled-out and charming experience. Massages (which take over an hour) are 300 baht, which is about £6. And I also treated myself to a manicure and a pedicure which were only 200 baht each.  Can’t see myself visiting a London salon in the near future…Thailand’s totally spoilt me!

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