Magical Railay Bay in Thailand

Railay is a small peninsula between Krabi Town and Ao Nang in Krabi. You can only get to it by boat as high limestone cliffs cut it off from the mainland. It’s like a secret tropical kingdom waiting to be discovered.

All aboard the long-tailed boat from Ao Nang

All aboard the long-tailed boat from Ao Nang

The scenery on the ride over is very dramatic with huge rocks sprouting out of the sea and cliffs surrounding the beaches covered in plenty of tropical vegetation. On arrival in Railay Bay – jump off the boat and wade through the sea to get ashore (with your suitcases if you’re staying there) – you immediately feel like you’ve arrived in another world. Railay redefines the phrase laid back. It’s the kind of place you can imagine disappearing in for a while to empty your head and rediscover your mojo (if it’s lost, heaven forbid).

The Beach wasn’t filmed here, it was on nearby Koh Phi Phi, but I did feel a bit like I was in a scene from it at times (no sign of Leo, though). It’s just something about the atmosphere of the place. It feels unspoilt and wild in parts, there are enough hotels and restaurants to enjoy, yet they coexist in perfect harmony.

There are four beaches and, frankly, its all a bit confusing. Maybe because you’ve arrived by boat it feels like you’re on an island. But you’re not… and when you walk around none of the beaches connect because of the rocky surrounds, so you’re going to have to backtrack. There are amazing caves, huge trees and steep rocky cliffs for the adventurous to climb. Here’s a taste of this stunningly unique and weirdly beautiful piece of Thailand.

Welcome to Walking Street

Welcome to Walking Street for refreshments and shopping

One of the beautiful beaches

The beautiful beach that we landed on

Even the coffee's beautiful in Railay

Even the coffee’s stunning in Railay

Get away from it all among the palm trees

Get away from it all among the palm trees

Great signage

Great signage, but it won’t stop you from getting lost

Caves add an eerie feel

Caves add an eerie feel

Dramatic landscape

Another beautiful beach with a stunning backdrop

Yes, of course we had lunch…you didn’t think I’d post without including at least some food. These floating take aways were popular choices, stock up on Thai food and eat on the beach, how lovely. We were more tempted by the restaurant on the beach and tucked into delicious Thai curries.

Floating restaurants

Wade into the sea and order lunch to eat on the beach

My Thai green fish curry

My Thai green fish curry

Thai red prawn curry

Thai red prawn curry

Beautiful Railay from the air

Beautiful Railay from the air

The long-tailed boat ride takes about 15 minutes from Ao Nang and costs 200 baht (about £4) return. You have to wait until there are 8 people before the boat leaves, a little annoying as you can wait a while. We waited 45 minutes for our return journey, but we were sitting on the beach, so it’s not exactly a rainy bus stop in London. Seriously though, it’s well worth the wait. Railay lifts the spirit in a way I can’t really explain.

One thought on “Magical Railay Bay in Thailand

  1. Hi Guys, Looks like fun! Nathalie was on her way to Railay (with Reggie) on the 13th and then on to Lanta and today on Ko Phi Phi – will be there for a few days. See you guys soon in Cape Town. Love, John and Glen

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